New Office Space!

UP Zambia is excited to announce that we will be opening our first office!  This is an incredible milestone for us, as we’ve spent the past two years working out of cars, living rooms, courts, prison parking lots, and our phones. It’s been great to be nimble, but as we’ve grown, the need for an office has become ever more urgent to support our volunteers, partners and the juveniles we serve. Now that the space is ours, we’re excited about the opportunities it presents: a workspace for lawyers, administrators and volunteers; a place to facilitate partnerships with other stakeholders; a collection point for donations; and a safe space for juveniles who are out of the criminal justice system.

The office is located on Alick Nkhata Road (Stand 35222) in Kalingalinga, next to Persian Carpets. Now that we have the space, our next task is to put together an office that is both a workplace and a youth-friendly space. We are looking for donations of furniture of all kinds, computers, books, games, office and school supplies, etc. For a full list of needed items please send us a message. Spread the word!