Our Projects

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We provide encouragement, support, and mentorship to juveniles in the custody of the Zambia Correctional Service through regular visits and facilitation of in-kind donations to meet critical physical needs. We organize volunteer-led weekly visits with the juveniles, with activities ranging from sports to arts and education and have started chess clubs across several prisons. Volunteers share their own skills and respond to the specific interests of the boys, in addition to mobilizing donations to meet needs within the prisons. We are currently developing rehabilitation options including counseling, training, educational sponsorship.

Advocacy and System Reform

We research and advocate for reforms to laws and policies that impact juveniles in conflict with the law. UP Zambia also engages strategically on other legal issues that impact juveniles, such as laws criminalizing non-Zambian migrants who are smuggled into the country. Through research, writing, speaking, and other advocacy, UP Zambia seeks to advocate for better juvenile justice procedures, design and implement evidence-based reforms, and develop aftercare services.

Legal Assistance

We facilitate legal representation for juveniles at all stages of the criminal justice process by matching them with pro bono lawyers and other forms of legal assistance. We monitor cases and provide basic legal guidance to juveniles through our team of legal interns, secure court dates, represent juveniles in criminal proceedings, and build relationships with key stakeholders in the legal process. UP Zambia advocates have represented over 100 juveniles since 2015 and provided other forms of assistance in hundreds of additional cases.